Resource Highlight: Essential Qualities of the Professional Lawyer

More than ever, new and aspiring lawyers must both internalize those professional values and qualities that build resilience in an era of seismic professional change, and be exposed early and broadly to the lawyer skill sets and habits that engender professional success. This essential resource addresses a widely observed gap in legal education and professionalism materials on professional development in a practice-focused context. Paul A. Haskins, Editor. ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism.

About the Author

Paul A. Haskins is Senior Counsel in the American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility and Lead Counsel for the Standing Committee on Professionalism. Before joining the ABA, Mr. Haskins was a civil litigator in Chicago and, previously, a newspaper reporter and columnist in Washington, D.C. and North Carolina. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago.

This book addresses a recognized gap in practice-focused professionalism educational materials. It explores those indispensable values, skills, habits, convictions, duties and qualities that characterize the professional lawyer, helping students and new lawyers build an authentic professional identity while engaging the larger values of the profession, such as access to justice and service to society. 

With all the competition and disruptive innovation in the legal profession, how can we stay ahead and excel in the legal industry?

According to the American Bar Association shop, this book is for: 
  • Lawyers, at any level of practice and particularly new admittee
  • Law school professors teaching the concepts of Professional Responsibility, Legal Ethics and Professional Identity
  • Bar associations and other legal educators either as part of a mandatory course or suggested reading for new/current admittees.

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