CEFLER Graduate Assistant Makes Finalist in Alternative Dispute Resolution Intramural Competition

Diane Hess-Hernandez
Congratulations to Regent law student and CEFLER graduate assistant, Diane Hess-Hernandez, who was one of the four finalists in this weekend’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Intramural Competition. Her and her partner placed second in the overall competition.

Fifteen teams came together to compete. The teams were judged on their ability to work with their partner, to utilize the information they were given about their client, and to work amicably with the other team to reach an agreement that satisfies their client's wants, interests, and needs.

“The Alternative Dispute Resolution Intramural Competition proved to be an excellent skill-building experience,"said Diane.  "Regent University School of Law continues to provide exceptional opportunities for students to develop their professional identity  and build their professional skills as a legal advocates.”

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