CEFLER Guest Speakers Address Students on Bar Passage and Formative Habits

Recently, the Center for Ethical Formation and Legal Education Reform sponsored two presentations . National Bar Exam expert Sara Berman of AccessLex, who has written several books on the Bar exam, including Pass the Bar, spoke on strategies and tips on preparing for the Bar. Professor Berman also discussed the ways in which law school is a means for students to prepare not only for the Bar but also for law practice, addressing issues from time management to establishing a bar preparation fund to having healthy attitudes that foster success.
In the same week, Justin Early, Esq. presented to students in Professional Responsibility, also sponsored by CEFLER. Mr. Early is graduate of Georgetown who began practice at the prestigious firm, McGuire Woods, and is currently an attorney at Gammon & Grange. He is also the author of The Common Rule – Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction. Mr. Early told the story of how his efforts to be a busy lawyer led him to severe anxiety and panic attacks. He spoke on the need for formational habits, highlighting prayer and breaks from technology as ways in which he coped and ultimately has found a way to practice law without debilitating anxiety. He offered practical ways, many of which are similar to practices encouraged in Regent’s first-year Foundations of Law course, for students to develop habits that keep them in touch with their faith (and soul) as they study and practice law. These habits, he argued, serve as important safeguards to ethical decision-making.

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