Going Beyond Program Learning Outcomes

Assessment of Program Learning Outcomes: Law Schools Move into the Twenty-First Century

Center for Ethical Formation and Legal Education Reform (CEFLER) Co-Director Ben Madison recently posted about law school pedagogy changing over the years.  He gives five suggestions for implementing pedagogical practices:
  1. Find an expert in assessment. 
  2. Read The Rubric Meets the Road in Law School Program Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes as a Fundamental Way for Law Schools to Improve and Fulfill Their Respective Missions
  3. Read Student Learning Outcomes and Law School Assessment (Carolina Academic Press 2015). 
  4. Involve your faculty in the process of assessment. 
  5. Do not be afraid to engage in self-assessment of your law school’s program of learning and its learning outcomes.

Read more about these suggestions and Professor Madison's full blog post here >>

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