Regent Recognizes National Mentoring Month

This January marks the 17th annual National Mentoring Month, a campaign to promote youth mentoring in the United States.

President Donald Trump offered these words as he recognized the occasion: “In our youth, we must learn the behaviors and habits of successful adults, how to treat others, how to overcome failure, and how to give back to our communities.”

These ideas are similar to the goals of the Center for Ethical Formation and Legal Education Reform (CEFLER) Mentor Program. Since its inception in 2013, the program has promoted our students’ individual character formation and professional development through lasting relationships with lawyers and judges throughout the United States.

Our goal is that our law students will learn the behaviors and habits of successful Christian attorneys, how to treat their clients and coworkers, how to deal with the unique challenges of living the life of an attorney, and how to give back to the community through pro-bono work. Being in a mentor relationship provides a special opportunity for our students to learn these traits by spending time with someone who has walked where they hope to walk.

We are thankful to every one of our mentors who take time to provide their practical insight to complement the education Regent Law students receive in the classroom.

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