Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education

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Summit on Improvement in Education

Join us in downtown San Francisco on March 22-24, 2016 for the Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education. This annual convening of innovative thinkers and dedicated practitioners offers the community the opportunity to gather and work together to transform teaching and learning.

Registration is now open.

March 22-24, 2016


Our education institutions confront increasing pressure to educate all students towards much higher educational goals than ever before. This is driven by demands for a more engaged citizenry, for higher levels of knowledge and workforce skills, increased global educational and economic competition, and the need to prepare for the rapid societal changes brought about by technology.

These expectations exist in an environment of limited resources and the challenges of engaging more and diverse students. Absent a more responsive, agile approach to research and development, our educational achievements will never meet our aspirations. We need to accelerate how the education field learns to improve.

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